Information for Speakers

The workshop will take place at the Alte Mensa, at Wilhelmsplatz in the historic center of Göttingen

Welcome to Göttingen

Dear speakers at the workshop, we thank you all to contribute to the event, and we are very much looking forward to welcome you in Göttingen. We have put together a quick FAQ for you below. For anything else, just write us and we will gladly try to help.



How do I get to Göttingen?

Travel to and from Göttingen is organised by the speakers themselves. We will refund your expenses. If you fly to Germany, we recommend to come via Frankfurt Airport, but also Hamburg Airport or the regional Airport in Hannover are possible options. All three cities are directly connected to Göttingen by fast train. In Hamburg and Hannover you would have to first take a metro to the central station. In Frankfurt the ICE-train stops directly at the airport.


Where will I sleep?

We organize and cover the costs for all speakers’ accommodation in Göttingen. We have booked rooms in different hotels and will send you your reservation individually. All bookings include breakfast.


I want my money back! How?

As explained above, you will organize the travel yourself and then receive a refund from us. For that, you simply send us all tickets, receipts, etc. and your banking information. We will wire you the sum of your – surely reasonable – disbursement as soon as possible. We are not the ministry of administrative affairs, yet we are subject to German civil service regulations. So we would be very pleased if could provide as much physical evidence of your expenses as possible. Ideally you would mail us your plane tickets and punched train tickets in an envelope. However, should your modern day travel reality not fully meet our administrative requirements, we will of course sort out the situation with accounting internally.


How long should my talk be?

All presentations at the workshop are set for about 20 Minutes. We plan to record the presentations and to put them online after some editing. This seems the appropriate way of creating a publicly accessible record of our discussions for the fast paced discussions on the subject. We hope that you agree with that and will have a form for you to sign at the conference.


What’s for lunch?

All meals served at the workshop will be informal buffets always including vegan options. If you have any further dietary requirements, just let us now.


What should I wear?

There are no dress codes for any of the events during the workshop.